Heading in the right direction

At Trekkings we love to walk. It’s what we do. We love the freedom it gives us, the challenge it brings, the scenery and landscapes we discover and the sense of achievement we feel as we share another great day out in the beautiful countryside God has created.

Anyone is welcomed into the Trekkings family, and as with all families we have differing ages and abilities, from small children and active teenagers, to somewhat bigger ‘children’ and not quite so active Grandparents. With this in mind, each walk is graded between 1 (easy) and 3 (Hard), so an informed decision can be made as to the suitability of the occasion:

  • Gradient – this gives an indication of the intensity of the ascent or descent that you will face.
  • Difficulty – the terrain, conditions and length of walk all are considered in this grading.

Building relationships

Walking is a great time to connect with other people and to build new and lasting relationships. Conversation is always relaxed and open and you quickly feel part of a loving family.

Brought together by both an interest and our love of God, we have a desire to support and encourage one another and to be disciples who make disciples, which is all part of our Missional Community life. We meet regularly on Wednesday evenings to pray and unpack the message from Sunday’s Celebration, often eating together, all in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. We find relationships naturally build out of this and spill over into day to day life.

Before each walk we will take the opportunity to pray. Praying is at the heart of our daily lives and we facilitate this further through a prayer chain – encouraging day to day prayer support for each other on everyday matters.

For more information, please contact Colin Marsden via the website or see our Facebook page –

Our next walk is… 9th June, Wepre Park.