Our Missional Communities

We have a wide range of Missional Communities (mid-sized groups) at King’s that are helping to support many different people and activities in the community.

Base Camp

Base Camp is a six-week journey designed to help new and existing members to engage with King’s and our Missional Communities, helping you to get involved with what is going on.

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Our vision is to see the surrounding area of King’s Community Centre, family and friends experience the outworking of the grace of God through our lives.

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JAM is a lunchtime club meeting twice weekly in a Runcorn Primary School. Twice a year we also have Family JAM where parents and carers can join in. We want to help children and families express their creativity, relax and enjoy each other’s company while experiencing ‘interactive church for all the family’.

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We seek to serve and share the gospel with the elderly, who quite often find it hard to connect with the wider church community.

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One Life

Serving together as Family on Mission in the Westbrook area. We also host ‘King’s Tots’.

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Revolution aims to enable teenagers to discover and develop deep and real relationships with Jesus and each other. We meet for worship, study, teaching, discussions, games, ministry and food! Come along and explore, connect and belong! For young people of high school age (11 – 16yrs).

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Trekkings meets as a group of people of all ages and abilities who share a love for the great outdoors. Enjoying meeting together on a weekly basis, each month there is also an organised walk which is a great way of building community and provides opportunities to invite friends and family along.

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Our vision is to bring Christ into the lives of those living in Woolston and the surrounding area. Some of our outreach activities include family meals and praying as a team out on the streets.

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Young Adults At Kings – a group for people aged 16-30. We want to create a space where people can enjoy being together, where we can get to know God better and where we can really make an impact in our culture and community.

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Other activities at King’s

Some of the other groups that are part of King’s.

King’s Community Centre

A community centre run on behalf of the local community by King’s Church in partnership with Warrington Borough Council.

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