Grace meets at King’s Community Centre in Great Sankey on Wednesdays.

At the heart of GRACE’s vision is our purpose to be a family on mission. To live a lifestyle of being a follower of Jesus – a disciple who makes disciples!

  • G iving love, encouragement and spending time together.
  • R each family, friends and the community around KCC.
  • A ll of us involved.
  • C hrist centred.
  • E mpowered by the Holy Spirit to be all that Gid intends us to be, to live for Him and evangelise.

We have a craft group on Wednesdays from 12 til 1, then we share lunch. At 1.30 ish we look at the talk notes from the previous Sunday and discuss them, finishing with a worship and prayer time. Once a month we go for lunch to a local restaurant or cafe.

On Fridays we host King’s Table at KCC where we welcome those living around Great Sankey, offering refreshments and a good old chat! Some of our neighbours kindly donate to King’s Table too. Ideally we would like to offer a Discovery bible study course, perhaps when the cafe is up and running.

Occasionally on base Sundays we distribute blessings cards around the streets of the centre, prayer walking as we go.

The age range of our Gracelings is between late fifties to early 90’s, and a good mix of men but mainly women.

If you would like to join us or find out more information, please get in touch with Chris Littler using the contact page.