Upcoming Events

  • Church Warrington Gathering

    Today we will be taking part in a joint celebration with churches from all across Warrington. The speaker is Andy Hawthorne, OBE, founder of The Message Trust, a worldwide Christian charity that reaches out to young people who are in

  • Baptism Service

    Join us at Hope Church for a special evening as we worship together and celebrate with those who are taking the next step in their relationship with God by being baptised in water.

  • Base

    Join us at 10.30am at Chapelford, Great Sankey or Orford. There's no Celebration at Pyramid Arts Centre today. A Base is an informal space, each with its own style and format. It usually includes worship and a short teaching session, and

  • Celebration

    Join us at Pyramid Arts Centre from 10am in the café for refreshments, then from 10.30am in the hall for worship and teaching. Our talk series is 'Mind-set?', exploring our position as messengers of the Gospel. This week we look