Crossblades are based around the ice rink in Widnes. We are not only passionate about ice hockey and figure skating but we also see the rink as our mission field. Whenever we are at the rink, and even on the ice, we pray for all who enter – the staff, players, coaches and skaters etc.

We serve in many different ways – collecting rubbish during the intervals, running the clock and scoreboard, penalty boxes etc – and this is how we share the love of Jesus. Each week we provide a refreshments box for the referees and sweets for the rink staff who are often overlooked.

We meet together regularly during the week and have a rhythm of up, in and out. We support each other in prayer and friendship and have fun together as we support our men’s and women’s teams, have skating lessons or sit round a table in Costa having a coffee.

For more information, please get in touch with Julia Shutt using the contact page.